Unique women's socks Wholesale Market

Most of the major buyers of socks have a great desire to interact directly with manufacturers, distributors and major distribution centers of Tehran market unique women’s socks, so that in addition to access to a high variety of designs and models, it is possible to buy products at the most reasonable prices.

Unique women's socks Wholesale Market

Benefits of unique women’s socks Wholesale Purchasing

Benefits of unique women's socks Wholesale Purchasing

  •  Reduction of Raynaud’s symptoms

Using socks while sleeping may help prevent the symptoms of Raynaud’s disease. Excessive coldness of the hands and feet can be a sign of Raynaud’s disease. Rhinitis is a condition that affects the blood vessels in the skin, and seizures usually occur when a person feels cold or stressed.
During an attack of Raynaud’s disease, blood flow to the hands and feet decreases. As a result, the fingers and toes begin to feel cold and numb. It is also possible to change the color of your nails to white or blue.
People with Raynaud’s attack should talk to their doctor first. Using happy socks funky socks in bed can reduce symptoms as well as stay warm during the day.

  •  Prevent heat

Many men experience hot flashes and high body temperature during menopause. This can lead to a sudden feeling of intense heat spread through the body, sweating, palpitations and heartburn. The ability of socks to help lower core body temperature at night can also be helpful in preventing hot flashes. This is because hot flashes are caused by hormonal fluctuations that affect body temperature control.

  • Prevention of heel cracks

Constant contact of the feet with the air can cause severe dryness of the feet, especially the heels, and moisturizing the dry areas and covering them with socks while sleeping can be a great help in preventing cracked heels from dry skin.

Try to use socks made of natural materials such as cotton and wool to do this, in which case you will feel the difference in a few days!

  •  Increased sexual desire in women

A small European study found that women who wear socks before going to bed are about 50 to 80 percent more likely to have orgasm than others, because in addition to being cold, the feet have a negative effect on their partner’s sexual desire. Wearing socks increases blood circulation to all parts of the body, including the brain and genitals, and helps improve sexual function.

However, in some studies, this estimate is reported to be about 30%.

unique women’s socks Wholesale Price for Traders

unique women's socks Wholesale Price for Traders As it was said, one of the main wholesale centers of novelty ankle socks is the big bazaar of Tehran, where it is possible to provide all kinds of products.

This complex, as the main distribution center of Tehran Bazaar socks, has a sales office in Tehran Grand Bazaar and is ready to cooperate with all dear applicants throughout Iran.

You can buy products in the following ways:

  • Purchase in person by visiting the sales office
  • Purchase by phone and by contacting the sales manager of the collection
  • Purchase through social networks and especially Telegram channel collection
  • For more information and to get acquainted with the work process of the collection, please contact us now.
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